Julian Assange, 'Time' Magazine's Person Of The Year? (POLL)

WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange is in the running to be Time magazine's "Person of the Year," and is currently topping the list of contenders.

The New York Times reports that an online collective called "Anonymous" is behind one push to get the WIkiLeaks founder to the top of the list. In a manifesto supporting Assange, the group urges supporters to:

Upvote Julian on the Times Person Of The Year 2010. While this might not aid his cause, it will get him much needed public exposure.

While he has been described as a "high-tech terrorist" by GOP leader Mitch McConnell, that hardly takes him out of the running for a title that has also been bestowed on Hitler. Others have hailed Assange as a hero. Either way, does he deserve it?