Julian Castro At DNC On Creating 800 Jobs In San Antonio

Mayor Julian Castro believes the path to creating jobs in San Antonio runs through renewable energy.

After the Huffington Post-sponsored "Opportunity: What Is Working" jobs panel Wednesday at the DNC, HuffPost caught up with the Democratic Party's rising star to discuss what he is doing to help job creation in his city. Castro outlined his plan to create over 800 new jobs while making San Antonio the solar capital of the country.

"We believe that the new energy economy, particularly in renewable energy, presents a great opportunity because there is no city that's defined itself as the city or the region that is the leader," Castro said. "We're leveraging the purchasing power of our municipally owned utility to do that."

The Mayor went on to say that the best thing people can do to help is to "get the skills that are needed to take on the jobs in the 21st century."

Castro's argument that no city has defined itself as the leader in solar power may be contested by Bay Area entrepreneurs like Sungevity President Danny Kennedy, who believes the region could be ground zero for the solar industry, according to an interview with HuffPost.

Nevertheless, Castro plans to pursue his vision for San Antonio's solar power industry and help stimulate the local economy in the process.



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