Julianne Hough Stands By BFF Nina Dobrev's Side During Night In Emergency Room

Hough posted a series on Instagram Story of the night, leading Dobrev to explain what exactly happened.

Nina Dobrev’s allergies may have sent her to the emergency room, but don’t worry, guys ― she’s A-OK, and her pal Julianne Hough was with her the whole time.

On Sunday, Hough posted a saga on her Instagram Story, sharing with fans that she was in the emergency room.

“Well, this is my night at the emergency room on a Sunday night with guess who?” she wrote in one clip, adding: “Thank god I went to visit this little sheesh!”

The 31-year-old also posted a snapshot of her legs cuddled under the mystery patient’s blanket, quipping: “At least they are good at sharing… My feet are freezing!”

Hough later revealed that “Vampire Diaries” star Dobrev was the patient and told fans she was helping to take care of her.

In her own Instagram Story, Dobrev cleared the air about what had happened. Her various allergies sometimes cause her to go into anaphylactic shock, she explained.


After the actress posted images of herself in the hospital, she shared a snapshot of herself in bed at home, saying she’s “all good” and thanking Hough for her support.


In another post, Dobrev told fans she appreciated their thoughts.

“I’m fine and I’ll be fine! Xo,” she wrote.

Glad you’re all right, Nina!

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