Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin In 'Game Change' Promo (VIDEO)

Can Julianne Moore play a convincing Sarah Palin? You betcha!

The Oscar-nominee plays the former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential nominee in the upcoming HBO film "Game Change," which chronicles the 2008 election with a special focus on the campaign of Republican John McCain. The film, based on the book "Game Change" written by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, will see Ed Harris play the Arizona Senator and GOP candidate McCain. Woody Harrelson plays adviser Steve Schmidt.

Moore recently told ABC News that while researching for the role, she became disgusted with how modern day political campaigns are run.

"So much is about how do you get on the air, how do you get the most media attention, how do you make the most noise. When, in fact, what we're all looking for is leadership," she said. "We don't want noise. We want people who are going to take care of us."

As for Palin herself, she's also less than enthused by the production.

"I think I'll just grit my teeth and bear whatever comes what may with that movie," she told Fox News.

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