Julianne Moore Looks Regal At Museum Of The Moving Image Event

The actress was feted Tuesday night for years of excellence, prompting the question: "What award hasn't she won?"

Julianne Moore, Oscar contender and recent Golden Globe winner, was honored Tuesday night at the Museum of the Moving Image.

Moore, 54, brought her husband and three children to the New York City event. Wearing a golden Chanel dress, the actress told reporters, per Us Weekly: "[Y]ou have to be grateful for everything that comes your way. It's never a guarantee -- you never even know if people are going to see your movie. So the fact that we've got this much attention, it's really incredible."


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Buscemi, Sarah Paulson, Ethan Hawke and Chloe Grace Moretz, among others, attended the salute to their colleague. Ellen Barkin remarked that Moore is "the only American actress to have won the trifecta of Berlin, Venice and Cannes, which maybe begs the question, what award hasn't she won?"

Earlier in the week, Vanity Fair reported that Moore will lend her impeccable taste to the Academy. Not just a nominee, Moore will also "help decorate the backstage green room." Susan Sarandon performed the task last year.