Julianne Moore Reveals The Real Reason She Uses Snapchat

You'll never guess what her favorite filter is.

She might be an Oscar-winning actress, but Julianne Moore has the same parenting woes as any other mom. The 55-year-old mother-of-two spoke to Ellen DeGeneres today about the challenges of staying connected with her teenagers.

Moore isn’t too far off from being an empty nester, with a daughter, Liv, who’s a freshman in high school and a son, Caleb, who’s already out-of-state as a freshman in college.

“It’s awful,” Moore said of having her son away from home. “It’s a terrible transition and you have to try and insert yourself into their life any way you can.”

For her, that means using technology to keep tabs on her 14- and 18-year-old.

Moore revealed she uses Snapchat to keep in touch with her daughter and to make sure she’ll be home on time. Her son, however, isn’t so receptive.

“My son refuses to engage in a streak with me,” Moore said. 

So of course, DeGeneres had the perfect solution ― they Snapchatted Moore’s son together. As they swiped through the different Snapchat filters, Moore chose the adorable “Hello Kitty” theme. Caleb, we hope you were watching. 

The actress has lamented the all-too-familiar difficulties of persuading her teens to spend time with her. 

“It’s hard, as you know, to get teenagers to do anything with you,” she told Town and Country in an interview last year. 

Well, Snapchat seems like a pretty good place to start, Julianne. 




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