Julie Bowen: My Role In Sarah Hyland's Domestic Abuse Turmoil Was 'Grossly Overblown'

Julie Bowen Sets The Record Straight About Abused Co-Star

Julie Bowen wants to set the record straight about her young "Modern Family" co-star Sarah Hyland.

Hyland made news in September after securing a restraining order against her abusive ex-boyfriend, Matthew Prokop. TMZ obtained documents that stated Hyland phoned Bowen in a panic, and Bowen then attempted to help broker peace between the young couple. After witnessing Prokop's abusive antics, Bowen reportedly told Hyland she should leave her home because she "wasn't safe."

In a HuffPost Live interview on Tuesday, Bowen said that media narrative has been "grossly overblown," especially in regards to her "involvement" in it.

"I love Sarah and I support her wholeheartedly," she said. "And I didn't do anything special at all. Nothing that you wouldn't do for anybody who's going through a breakup. I think it just got a lot of attention because she's an adorably cute person who's on TV."

While she said she's not legally allowed to speak about the incident, the two-time Emmy Award winner does wish to quell the tabloid frenzy.

"I think I'm not allowed to talk about it," she continued. "But it wasn't anything you wouldn't do if somebody called you up and said, 'Hey man, I'm going through a tough time.' You'd jump in."

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