Julie Bowen Talks Openly About Her Plastic Surgery: ‘They Do You Like A Sneaker’

The “Modern Family” star was inspired to talk candidly about the work she had done after “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin casually spoke about her own.

Sunny Hostin’s unabashed honesty about getting plastic surgery allowed Julie Bowen to open up about her own.

The “Modern Family” star appeared on “The View” Wednesday and reflected on the benefits of becoming famous later in life. She recalled on the talk show that she was 39 and pregnant with twins while filming the pilot episode of her smash hit ABC comedy, and was so overwhelmed by motherhood that her sudden stardom didn’t affect her as much as it might have when she was younger.

“All I cared about was these little kids,” she said, referring to her twins, who are now teenagers. “I didn’t even notice everything else that was going on … I had a life and boobs I could tuck into my shoes.”

As the panel chuckled, Joy Behar assured the actor that she and her co-hosts could all relate.

“We all have that, except Sunny,” Behar said, prompting Hostin to nod.

“Yes, I got a breast reduction and lift recently,” Hostin said.

“You talked about it, just like that?” Bowen said, surprised.

“Yes, I freed myself,” Hostin said with a shrug.

“Oh, God, I love you,” Bowen said. “I love that.”

Inspired by Hostin’s lack of shame, Bowen quickly launched into her own story about getting plastic surgery.

“I finally got the stomach fixed,” Bowen said, clutching her belly. “Finally, after all these years. They ripped it open, the twins just ripped it. And I said, ‘As soon as “Modern Family” is done … I’ll get it fixed.’ But it was 11 years! So 11 years later, we wrapped on Friday and Monday they went in and they do you like a sneaker.”

Julie Bowen in 2022.
Julie Bowen in 2022.
Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images

“Yeah, they sew you up [like a sneaker],” co-host Sara Haines said, as she made a gesture like she was tying something on her stomach.

“You look snatched! You look good,” Hostin said, giving Bowen her approval.

“Thank you … I think?” Bowen said in response.

Last week, Hostin spoke with People about getting a breast reduction and liposuction last summer. She told the magazine that she was speaking about it openly because she wanted to destigmatize it.

“I thought I would feel shame, like, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing plastic surgery like all these crazy celebrities.’ But I don’t feel shame at all,” she said. “And I hope sharing my story will help more people. If they’re feeling so body-conscious, the way I was — they can do what they need to do to feel better.”

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