Is Husband To Blame For Wife's Disappearance?

Is Husband To Blame For Wife's Disappearance?

Julie Earley, 50, disappeared without a trace from Trotwood, Ohio, in May 2012, and her sister, Kim, says she is convinced that Julie’s husband, Cregg, killed her in a fit of rage.

“Cregg is a rageful, violent person, a liar and very narcissistic. I am very afraid of him," Kim says in the video above. “When I found out my sister was missing, it was instant panic. I immediately thought Cregg had done something to her.”

Julie's sister-in-law, Jill, also believes Cregg has something to hide. “Am I convinced Cregg killed her? Yes, I am," Jill says. "I want Cregg to know, you think you can run, but you can’t hide.”

But Cregg, who had been married to Julie for seven years, vehemently denies the accusations. “I love Julie,” he says. “I’ve saved her life so many times; I would have never hurt her.”

Cregg says he believes his wife is still alive and that someone picked her up from their home. He accuses Julie's ex-husband of being involved in her disappearance — but the ex-husband points the finger right back at Cregg.

Although the FBI asked Cregg to take a polygraph test, he refused. "I don't believe in them," he says. “I don’t personally feel that I have to prove anything to anybody ... Her family’s been falsely accusing me since she disappeared. I don’t care what they think. I don’t care what anybody thinks. I have nothing to do with my wife’s disappearance."

Cregg adds, "My wife has been missing three years, and my world is still in shambles."

Kim responds, "He tries to play like he’s the victim. In fact, he’s the murderer.”

What does Cregg say happened on the day Julie disappeared? Why did he wait more than a week to report her missing? Watch more from Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil here.

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