Julie Klausner's Online Petition To Pet Duke, The Bush's Beans Dog

More often than not, comedian Julie Klausner's blog is populated with fan-submitted photos of pets posing with her book and basset hounds in repose -- the lady loves a good dog pic -- but one canine out there is playing hard to get. It turns out that Duke, the Golden Retriever made famous by the Bush's Baked Beans commercials, is the object of Klausner's unrequited affection (and he's not returning any of her tweets).

It all started when Klausner was watching TV Monday night. "I saw that dog and I was like 'I want to pet that dog,'" she told The Huffington Post. "So I found the Bush's Twitter and tweeted them. Repeatedly. It snowballed into a one sided campaign."

Over the next few hours, her followers jumped on board, emphatically tweeting at the canned bean company and asking them to let her pet their dog. Bethany Noodle upped the ante by starting a Facebook page called "25 Million Strong for Julie Klausner To Pet The Bush's Beans dog" and Twitter user Fly Over State contributed a graphic that's being passed around on tumblr.

They have over 350 Facebook likes in less than 24 hours, which is no small feat, but as of 2:45 PM the company still hasn't replied via any social outlet.

"I guess I just don't understand who would be cool with somebody kind having her dreams die and know it was their fault," Klausner joked.

But she remains optimistic that Duke, who she inducted into her Redhead Hall of Fame, will eventually acknowledge the cause.

"The number 25 million is in the title of the group, so it's really only a matter of time before that self-prophesizes," she said. "I don't care if it takes 12 million people to like the page--as long as I get to pet that dog, it's time spent well."

You can like the cause on Facebook here and follow Julie Klausner on Twitter here.



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