Julie Taymor May Leave 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark'

Another day, another Spider-Man speed bump.

The New York Times reports that "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" director, Julie Taymor may leave the production.

The producers of Broadway's "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" were negotiating on Monday with their director, Julie Taymor, for her to work with a newly expanded creative team to fix the critically derided $65 million musical or possibly leave the show, according to people who work on "Spider-Man" or have been briefed on the negotiations.

The Times says producers are convinced the show needs major reworking. Taymor oscillates between acknowledging that the production is flawed and demanding that "she have more of a chance to improve it," the paper's sources said. The situation is so dire that the show's co-creator (and professional ambassador to the world), Bono, was called in to take "a direct role in the talks."

Of course director drama is just the latest in a seemingly endless stream of bad press that has haunted the $65 million musical.

In December, four accidents that caused injuries to the show's actors pushed back the production's opening date. In one incident, the stuntman playing Spider-Man was severely injured in a 30-foot fall during previews.

One of the accidents caused lead-actress, Natalie Mendoza, to quit after she suffered a concussion. The production was later slapped with multiple safety violations.

Then, in February, "Spider-Man" was brutally panned by critics before the show even opened.

The Times reports that the production's current opening date of March 15 is likely to be pushed back, which would be the sixth time the premiere date has been moved.