Weather Anchor Takes Parting Shot At Local News

WATCH: Meteorologist's Parting Shot At Local News

Viewers aren't the only ones disappointed with local news these days.

Julie Watkins, a meteorologist at Action News Jacksonville, signed off the air over the weekend after five years at the station. In a post on her personal blog, she explained that local news is just not the place where she wants to be anymore. Watkins, who had originally planned to leave in March but extended her stay after the departure of another member of her team, praised her colleagues. She also, however, had this to say:

"I won't miss the local news environment. It's pretty intense. I don't want to be intense about weather anymore. At least not all the time. During life threatening situations, yes, but not every time there is a thunderstorm. I'm not saying it's a bad environment, it's just not for me. I no longer thrive in how news' markets function. I'm at odds with it, but I guess people are responding to its current formula because it appears to drive ratings which drives content and the cycle goes on."

Visit her blog for more. Watkins' departure comes ahead of another reported shakeup that will see the station losing five of its anchors.

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