Julieta Venegas Reveals Daughter's Father Amid Custody Battle

By Michael Lopez


For a while, Julieta Venegas’ fans were left guessing about the identity of her daughter’s baby daddy. Three-year-old Simona had always been part of a single parent household, with no Papi in the picture. But this week, a DNA test led to some interesting revelations.

For one thing, Simona’s father was identified as Rodrigo Garcia Prieto. An Argentine musician, he apparently had a fling with Julieta and now wants to be involved in his daughter’s life.

And that’s the other big news about the DNA test. It seems the courts are agreeing with Rodrigo and awarding him joint custody of Simona.

Venegas had fought against the ruling, but it was a losing battle. And if that weren’t enough, it looks like little Simona will now have to officially bear the Garcia Prieto surname.