Why Juliette Lewis' Parents Helped Her Get Emancipated From Them (VIDEO)

WATCH: Why Juliette Lewis' Parents Helped Her Get Emancipated

Juliette Lewis legally emancipated from her parents at age 14. But contrary to popular belief, she did so with the consent of her parents, who helped her through the process.

The actress discussed her emancipation and the rumors surrounding it during a conversation with HuffPost Live about her film "Kelly and Cal," which is in theaters and on iTunes now.

"My parents helped me get emancipated from child labor laws," Lewis explained to host Ricky Camilleri.

"I know that sounds all radical, but when you start acting when you're younger, you talk to other actor kids and their moms, and they're like, 'Yeah, if you want to get a job, they like on your resume to say emancipated minor versus minor, because you then can work over eight hours.' Uma Thurman was emancipated, Giovanni Ribisi -- so many people got emancipated who were working as teenagers."

Lewis added that rumors online indicating she split from her parents because of discord are simply not true.

"So I just have to clear that up," she said. "Do you know, I can't even change the false facts that are on the Interweb about me? You're like, 'No, it's me, and you're wrong about my history!'"

Lewis described her parents as "radical, hilarious, artistic" and always very supportive of her aspirations to be an actress.

"They're lovely, and my dad would take us out of school every now and then, like lie to the teachers, 'We're going to the dentist,' and take us to 'Star Wars.' You know, I didn't graduate high school, but I got to see 'Star Wars' and skip those lines," she said.

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