Comedian Julio Torres Has Some Hilarious Valentine’s Day Perfume Ideas

"The Tonight Show" correspondent even had one scent inspired by FLOTUS.

Comedian Julio Torres has some unconventional Valentine’s Day gift ideas for anyone thinking of giving their loved one a perfume. 

The Valentine’s Day correspondent for “The Tonight Show” crashed Jimmy Fallon’s monologue on Friday to share six scents that are, uh, different. The El Salvador-born star explained the inspiration behind each perfume, which included “Silent Scream,” “But Who Is SHE?,” “Brofume” and “ALL CAPS.” 

One of the biggest crowd pleasers seemed to be “FLOTUS Whisper,” which the comedian described as “a scent inspired by the forbidden secrets that Melania [Trump] whispers in a little box at night, like ‘Get me outta here.’”

The joke is reminiscent of one of Torres’ most notable contributions as a writer for “Saturday Night Live”: the “Melania’s Moments” shorts, which star Cecily Strong and often portray the first lady as trapped in her own reality.

Watch Torres’ full bit in the video above.

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