Embrace Your Inner Geek Day Lets You Celebrate Your Inner Urkel

Whip Out Your Pocket Protector And Rejoice! It's Embrace Your Inner Geek Day

Today may not seem like anything special, but it is actually a holiday of sorts.

Two, actually.

For starters, it's "Embrace Your Inner Geek," a 24-hour period where people are supposed to embrace their inner Urkel by wearing ties with short-sleeved shirts and pocket protectors and wrap masking tape around their eyeglasses.

However, it's also "Gruntled Workers Day," a day when people are supposed to take extra pride in their job and give praise to workers they see taking the extra step to do a good job.

Oh, did you not get the memo about either event? Well, they have been celebrated for about 10 years each, according to their creators, Thomas and Ruth Roy, of Lebanon, Penn., who've been creating wacky holidays for nearly 20 years and placing them in Chase's Calendar of Events, a reference source listing various observances throughout the year.

The Roys started their "holi-day job" out of desperation.

Roy was working in radio and was suddenly thrust into a job as the morning guy for a radio station and needed to generate the material.

Since then, the Roys figure they have added more than 80 wacky celebrations on the daily docket including "Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day" (July 27); "Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day" (Aug. 8); "Bad Poetry Day" (Aug. 18), and today's twofer.

Although the Roy's events are designed to have universal appeal, their inspiration comes from a very personal, including "Embrace Your Inner Geek Day."

"July 13th is my friend Kirk Simpson's birthday, and he always called himself a computer geek," Roy told AOL Weird News. "Gruntled Workers Day was a jest we shared about news stories like 'Disgruntled postal worker kills colleague'-type stories. We wondered what a 'gruntled' worker would be."

Of course, if you are unable to express your inner geek today, there is still time to get ready for "Be A Dork Day" on July 15.

You might think they are basically the same holiday, but Roy insists there is a big difference.

"[I think of] of geek, as in computer or tech savvy," he said. "[While] dork [is just someone who] dresses dumb."

But while the Roys are the arbiters of weird holidays, Thomas said the couple has no plans to celebrate either "Express Your Inner Geek Day" or "Gruntled Workers Day."

"We don't celebrate any of them as we're too busy doing interviews about them," he said.

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