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Jump Rope Photo: Daredevil Sky Dancer Performs Death-Defying Trick Atop Chicago Skyscraper

Imagine standing on a narrow platform 20 stories high with nothing to catch you. Now imagine skipping rope on that precarious spot. Are you terrified yet?

jump rope photo skyscraper
During a performance for a Shriners convention, a Sky Dancer aerialist skips rope on a small platform high (at least 20 stories) above the streets of downtown, Chicago, Illinois, July 13, 1955. (Photo by John Dominis/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

For this 1955 photo, a female performer jumps rope above Chicago. Life Magazine Photographer John Dominis captured her mid-air, floating so high above the city that the cars look like toy automobiles. The 'Sky Dancer' enacted this stomach-churning stunt during a Shriners convention -- a gathering of members of the Freemasonry sub-group.

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Mustang Wanted

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