'Jump': The Last Moments Of Life Can Feel Like An Eternity (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Funniest Short Film About Death You'll See Today

Sometimes, you just have to make a dark, short film about death that looks beautiful and has a hilariously jaw-dropping punchline.

What? You've never felt that urge? Oh, well then lucky for us all, Mike Cannon, Dan Hirshon & Kyle Fincham have.

In a world that more often rewards the brief, unintentional humor of most viral videos, it's refreshing to see comedians shoot for something more... and succeed. Even though we knew a joke was coming, this completely took us by surprise and made us howl with laughter... even as we gasped, "Ouch, that's dark!"

So, while we certainly will be bringing you the requisite cat videos and FAILs that we always do, we ask you, dear reader, to watch this beautifully haunting and hilarious short and let it work it's magic on you.

Most importantly, watch all the way to the end... it's worth it.

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