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The Miami Heat Should Draft This 'Jumping Cat'


Giving new meaning to the word "cat-apult," a sprightly feline from Japan has taken the Interwebs by storm with his incredible ability to reach jaw-dropping heights in just one jump.

Nya-Suke, also known as the "Jumping Cat," has been making waves on YouTube with his super-jumps for at least the past year; but his awesome antics are going viral once again this week after Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft reminded the world of the leaping feline's amazing skill.

"Have you seen this little guy jump? Holy smoke, he's incredible," Ashcraft wrote.

Quoting the cat's owner, YouTube user Jamuomii, Ashcraft wrote that though "the average cat can jump about five times their height, which is typically about 150cm or 4.9 feet," Nya-Suke can jump as high as 196 centimeters, or 6.4 feet.

Nya-Suke doesn't just jump high with aplomb, but far too. In this clip, watch as the super cat leaps across a mattress to retrieve a toy:

Simply amazing.

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