White Lions, Tigers Join Animal Family At Jungle Island (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Jungle Island staff welcomed a very rare group of animals to its pride last week: Royal White tigers Chakra and Bindi, snow tigers Saraswati and Amar, and the king of the clan, Lord Ivory the white lion.

The unique animals are a part of the park’s new “Lion’s Den” exhibit, where visitors can walk up to the glass to get an up-close look.

According to CBS Miami, the animals are old friends.

“They’ve actually all been raised together, they’re actually best friends so to speak so we should have no issues with that, they’re just getting a really nice new home,” park curator Dr. Jason Chatfield told CBS Miami.

White lions like Lord Ivory are rare in number, with only about 300 found in the world, according to a release from the park.

Their coloring is the result of a color mutation and they range from bright white to a "darker" blonde shade.

The white tigers also have a genetic condition leading to the absence of the tell-tale orange coloring. Some white tigers have almost undetectable lighter stripes, and those who are completely white are known as snow tigers.

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