There's An Incredible And Super Illegal Waterslide Hidden In Hawaii

It may be beautiful, but it's 100 percent off limits.

As if amazing hikes and superb views weren’t enough, Instagram users have unveiled what lies in the lush valleys of Hawaii... and it’s an actual water slide.

The 35-foot conduit below pumps water from Mother Nature herself and is tucked deep in the forest of Waipio Valley on the Big Island.

You won’t be able to find it on a map because it’s on government property and is restricted to the public. But that hasn’t stopped people from illegally trespassing to get to it, risking hefty fines and their safety just to get their splash on.

Similar to the natural (and legal) lazy river on Kauai, this water slide is an old irrigation flume that was designed to transport sugar cane 100 years ago, but is now part of a 25-mile-long irrigation system.

Although the slide is hidden, illegal and dangerous (the structure isn’t properly maintained and the short pool at its base is surrounded by concrete walls), many GoPro-strapped hikers have found their way to it.

To reach the slide, trespassers have to trek for two hours on a trail known as the White Road Hike ― most of which is on government and private property, and includes walking through dense forest and dark tunnels. When they finally reach the waterslide, hikers have to climb up a thin rope to the top before sliding down.

State officials have called this slide a “reckless type of experience,” and they are trying to discourage tourists from finding the trail, according to Hawaii News Now.

Since attempting the hike or the slide is dangerous and against the law, you’ll just have to live vicariously through the rule-breakers’ terrifying footage below.

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