Juni: Extra-Ordinary Modernist Cuisine

Juni, a michelin star rated restaurant in NYC's Flat Iron, has Chef Shaun Hergatt offering extraordinary modernist cuisine. His menu is delicious, beautifully plated, and there is a gorgeous hotel ambience. Chef Hergatt is from Australia, and is both talented and charming. He believes in high end seasonality, using ingredients that are to be enjoyed at their freshest and ripest matched with extreme culinary artistry.

We had the lunch tasting, which was well-priced for such a fine dining experience. There are herbivore and omnivore menus, so all should feel welcomed. The cocktails and wine list were impeccably picked. With food and decor this outstanding, this is a must-visit place when in the area. The menu flowed very well. To start, we had "cotton" air puffs on little branches that we had to pick off; then on to a fresh salad; followed by a slowly cooked, melt in the mouth halibut; then to a beautiful duck with foie gras; and to finish a chocolate mousse dessert. Chef Shaun is one of the most creative chefs I have seen. Come prepared for modernist cousin with unusual and creative flavor combinations. Juni is very focused on food presentation, as each plate tells a story, so be prepared to interact with each plate.

Food that doesn't weigh you down, but has a serious depth of flavor and joy in every bite. The elegant hotel setting is comfortable and exquisite without being pretentious, making Juni a spot for a special occasion or just a truly lovely, creative dining experience.

12 E 31st Street
New York, NY
(212) 995-8599