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Junior Gaultier Couture Puts Out $1,200 Dress Most Likely For 8-Year-Old Princesses (PHOTOS)

Jean Paul Gaultier has never been afraid to push the envelope (see: Madonna's infamous cone bra), and he certainly didn't hold back during his Spring 2013 couture fashion show in which four children emerged from under a model's dress.

But it took a few months for Gaultier to deliver the kicker: Those kids were each outfitted in Gaultier's very first couture design for children. And it will cost you a whopping $1,200.

The designer has just launched Junior Gaultier Couture, an offshoot of his children's clothing line Junior Gaultier, which he started back in 2009. Sure, his original kid-friendly offerings didn't come cheap -- a leather jacket will set you back $378 -- but his new foray into mini couture takes children's luxury to a new level.

The aforementioned $1,200 couture item, a fluffy tulle dress, is part of Junior Gaultier Couture's inaugural collection for Spring/Summer 2014. Featuring a silk bodice and long tulle skirt, the tiny gown contains Swarovski crystal detailing and takes inspiration from Gaultier's Indian-themed Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection for (grown-up) women.

Interested buyers (read: 8-year-old princesses) should note that the dress is available in two shades, ivory and padparadscha, and will go on sale in the next couple of months. Like grown-up couture lines, there will only be a limited number available for purchase, with 90 of each shade being produced. Sizes range from 4 to 14 years. And in case you forgot: Each costs $1,200.

We'll let that marinate for a while. See photos of the dress below and tell us who you think will be buying this.

The $1,200 dress that's for sale:



The original dress on Gaultier's Spring 2013 Couture runway:


show 2

Maybe Hollywood will scoop these up?

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