Juno 's Michael Cera Re-Enacts Historical Duel Between Alexander Hamilton And Aaron Burr

Michael Cera, winsome young star of Juno and Superbad, recently stretched his acting muscles by portraying a famous bewigged figure from American history, which is ironic because he's Canadian. Nonetheless, in this re-enactment of the famous — and tragic — duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, you really start to believe that Cera is the tragic first United States Secretary of the Treasury, now immortalized on the ten-dollar bill. Why is this on ETP, you ask? Because it's an example of (a) Mainstream stars going online in homegrown productions, bypassing studios and helping to level the playing field for the non-stars with whom they collaborate; (b) Why sites like Funny or Die are more and more likely to succeed, because it's easier and easier to produce good material (they just have to nail down the business model) and (c) The fact that stuff you think of when you're drunk really is that funny.

But also, it's embeddable, which means it's that much easier to post and disseminate. Which is why it's probably going to go viral. So, watch it here!

Incidentally, it should be noted that this is Cera's second public collaboration with the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater — he hosted the live staged version of SNL last November at the UCB. The video was created by Derek Waters and stars Jake Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Derek Waters, and Mark Gagliardi (and Cera).

One more funfact: If this video does go viral, it will be the second viral video to rely on Alexander Hamilton for a laugh line; the first, of course, was Lazy Sunday.

(From, by the way. About time the UCB started videotaping stuff.)