Jurassic Politics
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The current state of the political scene in the United States is being lead by a man (Donald Trump) who advocates isolationism. Yet, a minority of the population elected him, whereas the opponent (Hillary Clinton) won the popular vote by a vast number. This number may be an indication of buyer preference because they voted for a liberal candidate. Therefore, these people may be more prone to a different economic plan than the current elected president. In addition to this difference in the economic demand, there is a global movement for more renewable goods and energy sources, which may increase a section of demand that these voters had in mind, environmental conscious economy. Thus, there is a contrast between economic demand and the political scene in the United States, which may be the ingredients for innovation. Businesses need to balance and juggle between many of these market pulls and pushes.

This is all of course possible if Mr. Trump is able to create the tariffs, sanctions, policies and quotes he envisions, but any level of action will result in outcomes that are similarly described in the few following sentences. It will just be on a lesser scale or a grander scale, depending on the amount of action taken. The jobs he promised that would come from these moves will only push businesses to replace the human workers with robots or other means due to the difference in wages that need to pay an American worker versus a cheaper laborer. There will be a demand for more skilled labour to deal with these new innovations. Yet, the jobs estimation he assumes will not happen due to efficiency and cost. Also, the products that are being demanded are currently more expensive than other options. In addition, if American products are pushed to the front of the shelves, prices will increase locally due to labor cost. The prices of goods will edge upwards due to covering the costs that may be created by these actions. Therefore, businesses are going to need to be more innovative due to these different pulls and pushes to make a profit.

Furthermore, businesses need to consider the environmental economic demand that is being produced abroad and locally. This demand nudges and puts to rest the old forms of fuel. A large indication is China's move to renewable source of energy by 2020. China is a large market for coal and crude oil. The change in their demand will send waves through the global economy, especially coal and crude oil. In addition to China, the European continent is also moving towards that direction. This is all going to be occurring within Mr. Trump's presidency. Therefore, he could try to fight a global movement, or figure a way to make the United States more viable and resistant to global changes. To push away from the global market will increase prices dramatically and jeopardies the United States claim to an economic powerhouse. Whereas, trying to get fit for competition in the global market will be more enabling.

There are things that should be advocated, which will increase the prices, such as global labour rights, renewable goods, and so on. But, it is for a better cause. Whereas, trying to revive a Jurassic system in hopes to bring back industries and a past society that are being fossilized, will be incoherent. One can draw an analogy between the movie, Jurassic Park, and the idea of bringing things back from the past. It will not go as planned by producers and designers.

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