Just 45 TikTok Products I Saved Immediately Just So I Could Show You

The hunt for great products never stops — just like my endless FYP scrolling.
<a href="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BHC14143?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=650da52de4b0514b68959609%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" target="_blank" role="link" data-amazon-link="true" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="Simple Modern 40 oz tumbler" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="650da52de4b0514b68959609" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BHC14143?tag=griffinwynne-20&ascsubtag=650da52de4b0514b68959609%2C-1%2C-1%2Cd%2C0%2C0%2Chp-fil-am%3D0%2C0%3A0%2C0%2C0%2C0" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="0">Simple Modern 40 oz tumbler</a> and <a href="https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplink?id=Zb4jl9GtVeY&mid=2417&u1=650da52de4b0514b68959609&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sephora.com%2Fproduct%2Ficonic-london-super-smoother-blurring-skin-tint-P502623" target="_blank" role="link" rel="sponsored" class=" js-entry-link cet-external-link" data-vars-item-name="Iconic London super smoother blurring skin tint" data-vars-item-type="text" data-vars-unit-name="650da52de4b0514b68959609" data-vars-unit-type="buzz_body" data-vars-target-content-id="https://click.linksynergy.com/deeplink?id=Zb4jl9GtVeY&mid=2417&u1=650da52de4b0514b68959609&murl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sephora.com%2Fproduct%2Ficonic-london-super-smoother-blurring-skin-tint-P502623" data-vars-target-content-type="url" data-vars-type="web_external_link" data-vars-subunit-name="article_body" data-vars-subunit-type="component" data-vars-position-in-subunit="1">Iconic London super smoother blurring skin tint</a>.

Popular items from this list:

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A Simple Modern tumbler as a swap for the popular (and more expensive) Stanley cup
Many reviewers said they find themselves drinking more water when they have a straw, and the fact that it's so dang cute doesn't hurt either! I finally decided to hop on board the hype train for these big tumblers and am already obsessed. I opted for the mint green color and it's as pretty as I'd hoped in person. The fact that this has both a straw and a handle means I end up carrying it around with me and drinking WAY more water than I did before. (BTW! I highly recommend getting straw covers to protect against dust and germs — I got these cute cloud ones and they work perfectly!) Get a closer look at the Simple Modern tumbler on TikTok.

Promising review: "Please do not run out to Targé and waste your money on a Stanley IF you’re only using a cup for ice/cold drinks. This cup is just as good and far more affordable. I put ice in my cup over 24 hours ago during my shift at the hospital, and there is still ice in the cup! This product is BEYOND worth it at this price point. You won’t be disappointed. If the cup isn’t in your cart at this point, I don’t know what’s wrong with you: GET IT! " — Marie
A set of cat and mouse hooks so adorable, they almost make me mad
They're best for hanging light items! They're designed for peel-and-stick application, but you could always use Command strips that are safer for your wall and likely sturdier/able to hold more weight anyway! Check these hooks out on TikTok.

Promising reviews: "These are so cute and easy to install. My husband always forgets to put his keys away so I got these to try to condition him into hanging them up. Now he has a little friend say hello when he gets home." — leaaffy

"Bought this for college kiddo and it’s received rave reviews. Loves them to bits, but swapped out the adhesive for Command strips per school policy. So cute!!" — at the lake
Iconic London's Super Smoother blurring skin tint, an ultra-lightweight and hydrating tint
Check out a TikTok reviewer putting shade Neutral Rich (pictured on the model above) to the test!

Promising review: "PERFECT for that no-makeup makeup look! This is light-medium coverage, but definitely buildable. It melts into the skin with a satin finish. Although I do not have 'perfect' skin, I love this as a base with concealer for my dark spots and blemishes. It's reminiscent of Estee Lauder's Double Wear Sheer before they changed (ruined) the formula and got rid of many shades. The Sephora shade finder did not match me, so I used the shade match on Iconic London's website. Golden Medium matches me perfectly." — necessarybeauty
A Super Mario silicone AirPods case that'll give you a little dose of childhood nostalgia every time
Check it out in this TikTok! This silicone protective case slips right over your default AirPods case to keep them extra safe (and easier to find in your bag).

Promising review: "For my Gen 1 AirPods the case was a perfect fit and felt super secure. It was a bit dirty on the inside of the case, but nothing a little cleaning can’t fix! Design looks exactly like the description photos and even better in person. Overall 10/10, I love it! :)" — Jess
A genius laundry hamper organizer with a top shelf for decor and other supplies
Get a closer look at it on TikTok!

Promising review: "I purchased two of these beautiful hampers for my master bath. It was very easy to assemble. The hamper is sturdy, and I was surprised at how much laundry fits in each bag. I also love that the bottom of the hamper bag has a board at the bottom so it doesn't sag. I love the look of the black metal with the wood. It is a great addition to our bathroom!" — Elizabeth
A chic transparent book vase, appropriately titled "The Mystery of Growth"
Peep this gorgeous book vase on TikTok! I also highly recommend looking through the Amazon review images because every single one looks like it belongs in a magazine.

Promising review: "I love all things books — so when this popped up in my feed, I had to have it. I ordered it ASAP. It arrived ASAP. I bought tulips ASAP. And it's PERFECT! This is the latest addition to my home office and I love staring at it! Save time — buy at least two!" — ED
A gorgeously designed Hatch Restore sound machine to gently wind you down at night and wake you up just as gently
Hatch Restore lets you personalize a "bedtime routine" for each night to train your brain to recognize sleep cues and get a better night's rest. Options include changing the light settings to more amber tones to help produce melatonin for sleep, soothing noise options, and sleep meditations and sleep stories you can get in the Hatch app. Check out this TikTok in which the creator explains how they started waking up at 5:30 a.m. and how their Hatch alarm clock was crucial for waking them up "with the sun."

Promising review: "I’ve always been so paranoid that I would sleep through my alarm and this is a game changer. I’ve been seeing it everywhere and didn’t want to spend the money, but it is WELL worth it. I’m also trying to become a morning person and wake up earlier. I haven’t had it super long but I haven’t snoozed it yet. I would buy this again (and I might because my boyfriend is also obsessed with it). You do not have to buy the subscription. This comes with an 'unwind' night time routine, which I honestly wouldn’t make much use of anyway if I did pay for it. You can just manually set a white noise/rain/etc. sound with a timer when you get into bed each night." — amy
A Grosche moka pot, aka a stovetop espresso maker
Check it out on TikTok! The reviewer demonstrates how they use it on the stove for making espresso for their lattes.

Promising review: "Greatest purchase in the last five years!!! I have always been a coffee drinker but I recently purchased a moka pot to make iced espressos during the summer. Quickly it became an everyday thing! I love this moka pot more than any other item in my kitchen other than my actual coffee pot brewer! I had bought a cheap one elsewhere and that lasted about three weeks before falling apart. I spent a little more money for a quality product and have never looked back! I recommend this particular moka pot as it was slightly more than the cheap ones but less than some of the bigger name brands. It has lasted me two and a half years now without ever giving me a problem. Definitely a customer for life." — A. Arvy
Jenae Sitzes / BuzzFeed
A dreamy, splurge-worthy Logitech wireless mechanical keyboard with an adorable cloud wrist rest
Check out an unboxing + see it in action on TikTok.

I've used both the wireless and wired versions of this mechanical keyboard, both for gaming and for everyday work, and absolutely love it. I had a full-sized keyboard before, so I really appreciate the more compact tenkeyless design of this keyboard that fits on my desk better. The keys sound perfectly clicky and feel great to type on, and the cloud wrist rest keeps my wrists supported really comfortably. And even though I've been using wrist rest cloud for 8+ hours a day for so long, it still looks totally new! My favorite thing is undeniably the aesthetic, though. It's the prettiest keyboard I've ever had, in a really sleek and modern way. I highly recommend it whether you play games at your desk or just work from home!
A nifty stackable wine rack for your fridge so you can chill those bottles of chardonnay in a more space-efficient manner
It fits standard wine bottles (not jumbo ones). Of course, you don't have to use this in the fridge — others set it up as part of their bar cart! Get a look at it on TikTok.

Promising review: "I have wine that was taking up too much space in my fridge. Now that it is stacked, it works a lot better! Plus, the wine bottles would roll around on my glass shelf and drive me wild. No more rolling bottles, and now, there is room for more food! The holders are plastic, but seem pretty durable." — MindSetOnBeach
Pixi On-The-Go Blush, a slim but wide tube of tinted balm you can toss into your purse
I highly recommend watching this TikTok of a reviewer casually applying it while sitting on a couch during a party. One downside: Due to the limited range of shades, this blush seems to work best for fair to medium skin tones, according to reviewers.

Promising reviews: "I am obsessed with the shade Fleur. It’s the perfect rose pink for light to olive skin shades. I was a bit nervous the first time I applied it because I have sensitive skin and used to get really bad acne, so I tend to avoid oil-based makeup products but it didn’t clog my pores and left a dewy look that I love. I also like that the stick retracts up and down so it doesn’t get messy inside the lid." — mär

"I really love this blush. I purchased the Juicy shade. I have a warm medium skin tone with dark brown hair and eyes and this blush looks beautiful on my skin. It gives my skin a natural beautiful color and glow to it. Apply a little at first and build up more color if you need to." —Nellie R.
A modern-looking armless desk chair beloved for how comfortable it is
Check out an unboxing and review on TikTok.

Promising review: "This chair is unique because it has a large, wide seat that allows you to sit in different positions including cross-legged. It is also supremely comfortable with the quality of cushions. I'm 5'8" and I find it spacious with an appropriate amount of height adjustability for feet on the ground. So far great for all day office use!" — Amazon customer
A pair of modern bar stools people might assume came from CB2 or West Elm instead of Amazon
Get a closer look at them on TikTok!

Promising review: "First of all, these chairs are beautiful and much more affordable than others in a similar style. They're comfortable and feel very sturdy. They came in perfect conditions and shipping took about a week. A few notes about the installation: 1. They recommend two people. I put them together by myself and it was fine. 2. I would recommend flipping the cushion over on the floor, lining the legs up on top, and screwing in the two front bolts before you try sliding in the rest of the frame. This made things much easier! 3. The hardware is not the greatest quality...getting the seat screwed in was especially difficult and the threads on two of the bolts got bent. Take care when you're screwing them in and don't force the bolts in if they're not budging with the wrench, or you will screw up the bolts like I did! The back rest was extremely easy to screw on, though. Overall good quality and I'm happy with my purchase!" — Katie Sullivan
A gold candle snuffer that's beautiful, functional and a little extra all at the same time
You can see it used near the end of this TikTok!

Promising review: "This snuffer does the job. I bought it to snuff out my tea candles so that I'm not blowing wax everywhere. It works perfectly. I like the weight and it looks very pretty sitting on the mantle. The price is perfect also." — Mary Lesane

"This is a candle must-have! I used to blow my candles out but sometimes I get nervous I’ll blow ember all over the place, no good. But this helps snuffing out the candles." — Jennifer Frances Castro
A retro Apple Watch stand designed to look like a 1998 iMac, but it's more than just a nostalgia item
It'll also give you a dedicated spot for your watch! It's featured in this TikTok!

Promising reviews: "Found this product from a TikToker and I have to say it’s just as cute as the one they showed on their video!" — EGM

"This little watch stand is so much cuter than I could have even wanted! Because the watch face lights up when my alarm goes off or when i tap it, it’s like having a mini digital clock! Plus, the charging case makes it so easy and so fun to charge my watch. I seriously did not think that something so simple could make me so happy. I really love looking at my miniature 'Mac' when I plug in my watch. I’m the type of person who loses cords under my bed and this helps keep my watch charger in the same, easily accessible spot each night. Highly recommend!" — Meredith
A foldable Magic Mushroom funnel to help you pour liquids into containers with thin necks
See why one TikToker loves it here! To use it, just flip it inside out and stick the "stem" through your container's opening. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe!

Promising review: "I am obsessed with this funnel!!! I juice a lot of citrus and juices for cocktails, and this little guy is the perfect size for bottling. It’s beyond cute and really great quality. I’m always hesitant about buying silicone items, as I don’t want them to be too thin. This is perfect! Sturdy and cute! Can’t get better than that! The perfect addition to any cottagecore kitchen!" — Abbey Klem
A super customizable smart moon lamp that'll bring the dreamiest vibe
Check out an unboxing and how it works in this TikTok!

Promising review: "I’m slowly buying things to add fun elements to my office/gaming/stream room. I saw this and thought it would be a cool tabletop display. As soon as I plugged it in I couldn’t believe how bright it actually was. If you set it to the white setting it could easily be used as a lamp for a small room. The app is super easy to use and I love the preset scenes. Plus it syncs to music. This thing is going to be a fun element in my office!" — Loren J
A humorous sponge holder in the shape of a bed where your sponge can drift away
You can see it at the end of this TikTok!

Promising review: "The moment I opened the package and saw my new sponge resting peacefully upon its little sponge bed, my heart fluttered. I had no idea a sponge could look so cute and vulnerable while simultaneously giving off such a proprietary air of strength and dominance. This bed raises the sponge to a new level. Literally. It equips even the most basic sponges with adorability and humor, but more than that, the bed represents a crowning of heightened status in the kitchen. To current sponges, it’s an achievement and a privilege. To future sponges, it’s an aspiration, a goal to look forward to. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I think in some way this bed is a gesture of my respect and appreciation... it’s like saying, 'Hey, I see you. You do good work,' and I think that’s beautiful." — Alissa
A luxe stone bath mat designed to absorb water and dry quickly
This sustainable product is made out of diatomaceous earth and recycled paper! Reviewers say the feel of it under foot does take some getting used to (especially if you're used to a traditional bath mat), but they attest to how well this thing absorbs water and that the moisture seemingly just disappears afterward.

My boyfriend recently upgraded his bathroom with these, so I've been able to test them out in person. And I have to say, it really is just as one reviewer described it —like the water is basically being sucked off your feet— and then the mats themselves dry super quickly, almost like magic. They're definitely a bit smaller than I anticipated (my partner ended up getting several and positioning them together), but since they work so well at drying your feet, you also don't need a ton of surface area.

Get a closer look at the white version on TikTok!

Promising review: "This is our second Dorai bath stone; we are adding them to all of our bathrooms. This design and usefulness of this product is undisputed. We no longer have water on our floors, reducing the chance of slipping on wet floors. These need to be in every home in the US." — B. Henricks
A self-cleaning slicker brush capable of detangling and removing all that loose hair on your cat
This slicker brush retracts so the fur comes off the bristles cleanly and in one easy-to-toss chunk. You can see how effective it is (and how unbothered the cat is) in this TikTok!

Promising review: "My cat hates to be brushed, but since he's not going outside anymore, he's not shedding his coat quickly, so hair is just getting everywhere. We HAD to do SOMETHING. I got this brush just HOPING he would let me brush him and the hair factor would be reduced. He LOVES it to the point where he'll jump up to where I keep it on the shelf and cry until I brush him. The brush is super easy to clean. You just push the button on the top and a piece lifts up, pushing the hair off the bristles to the top. Two things: Make sure you clean over a trash can because it gets everywhere, and the brush doesn't hold much because it's so small. If your cat is as hairy as mine, you might have to clean and brush three or four times to get all the hair off. It feels kind of like a massage though and my buddy seems to like it. Super easy to use and clean." — Phoenix
A surge protector that attaches magnetically (!) to your wall and has four outlets and two USB ports
See how easy it is to set up on TikTok!

Promising review: "Get it! This is one of the best of the best for a surge protector. Why spend thousands of dollars on your electronic/entertainment equipment to cheap out on a $15 surge protector that likely is not even a surge protector? Get a trusted brand like Monster. You can feel the quality of this product! This fits behind a wall-mounted 65-inch TV with a slim-fit wall mount (approximately 1 inch from the wall). I cannot comment enough about the quality; you will not be disappointed." — Adam M.
A faux-shearling moto jacket
Some reviewers suggest sizing up if you plan on wearing bulky sweaters or have thicker arms or a larger chest. Doing so will give you a more oversized fit. Prime members: You can try before you buy! The beige version is featured in this unboxing on TikTok.

Promising review: "I purchased this jacket before my trip to Canada during winter. I honestly thought I might not be able to wear it as often. HOWEVER, it kept me really warm no matter how windy and snowy it got!!It’s beautiful and stylish, the material looks better in real life than in the picture. The inside is super soft and comfy. I would go a size up though. I had enough space to move around and wear bulky sweaters, but the sleeves are not long enough for me to roll up the sleeves like the picture. Still an amazing product, I am beyond satisfied." — Gabriela G.
A gold decorative mirror you can hang or even use as a tray
You can see it in this TikTok! The white-and-gold version is also featured in this vid.

Promising review: "The mirror looks exactly like the pictures and was an absolute STEAL. So glad I found this. It's the perfect size for me to easily see my shoulders from just holding it an arms length away! It's super lightweight, so don't worry about it being too heavy for the nail. It came completely undamaged! Looks super vintage and great for doing hairstyles and makeup in! It can also be a jewelry dish if you're into that kind of thing." — Rhonda Farias
Eyeshadow color removal sponges letting you apply makeup without the pain of cleaning or switching between brushes
I picked up this color removal sponge from Amazon after hearing about this hack on TikTok and can testify that it actually works SO well. I'm so bad about cleaning my brushes (I know...shameful), and this makes it super easy to clean a brush in a matter of seconds. So even if I'm trying to do a slightly more elaborate eyeshadow look for the day, this makes the process of switching colors as quick and painless as possible. Also, it's super lightweight, and I've already tossed it in my bag and brought it on vacation with me. This is one of those products I won't be traveling without in the future if I plan on doing eyeshadow at any point — and it means you only need to pack one or two eyeshadow brushes!

Promising review: "This product makes it even easier for me to be lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes. It also allows me to use the same brush for a makeup look since I can swish away a previous shadow and move on to the next. Great buy. Super easy to wash." — Azaleah Bumpus-Barnett
A raining cloud essential oil diffuser made for anyone who loves the sound of rain
It features seven different colors for customizable mood lighting, three levels of brightness, and five water flow speeds. You can hear how the trickling water sounds in this reviewer video or see it in action on TikTok!

Promising reviews: "TikTok made me buy it. This may be my favorite purchase yet. The rain sound is so relaxing and you can add in any oil to have any sound. It’s easy to use and has various light settings so you can dim it or turn it off if you prefer. I love it!" — Michele F

"I love this thing. I have anxiety and insomnia, and I need background noise to function/sleep. This little desktop fountain is SO SOOTHING, both aesthetically and the sound of the little raindrops. If I’m in the room with it, it’s probably on. If you love the sound of rain this is for you. Because I’m paranoid and I want this to last, I run it with plain distilled water and I have not used essential oils with it even though they say it’s fine. It’s very dry here right now, and I still only have to top up the water every few days even with it running daily. It’s a solid 12/10 from me." — Violet
A cute Bluetooth speaker with a retro computer design, including real RGB-backlit buttons
Check out an unboxing on TikTok! I've also seen this in the background of literally dozens of videos like this one — which is why I ended up picking one up myself. If you're curious, you can read more on why I love mine here.

Promising review: "I actually impulsively purchased this because I saw it on TikTok. I have had it for a little over a month now, and it is actually the best item I have purchased in a while. I admit, there is a slight learning curve when setting it up because there is not a clear-cut instructions guide for all of the features, but once you figure it out, it’s so worth it. It is really multifunctional and you can customize it to your liking. I really love the mini games feature on here, like Tetris and Snake, because they all bring back childhood memories for me. My favorite part is the fact that it works as a speaker and when I play music, I can have little videos sync to the music. Who knew a tiny little speaker could bring me so much joy. It is a bit pricy though, but it is just so cute. If you’re looking for a sign to buy this, here’s your sign." — Khuyen Nguyen
A carpet scratch stopper in case your cat has a fixation on the carpet under your door
Check out how easy it is to set up in this TikTok! KittySmart is a small business that invented the CarPet Scratch Stopper so scratched carpet would never be a concern, hoping to reduce declawing in cats.

Promising review: "My kitten used to be obsessed with scratching the carpet at door entry. Slipped this right in and the problem no longer exists. Now she rests on top of it. The clear plastic isn’t an eyesore either." — Rita Serrano
A set of stackable ice cube trays with a container underneath and a cleverly designed lid
You can see how one TikToker uses this ice cube tray to whip up some lemon ginger water with ice. By adding little pieces of fruit or other ingredients to the water before freezing, you can prep all sorts of fun drinks for yourself.

Promising review: "I don't usually make reviews, but I am so impressed with this that I had to! I make homemade cold brew/iced coffee every morning and go through a lot of ice. So I have been thinking about making the splurge and buying a countertop ice maker or something. I saw the video of someone using this on here and was like whoa...whaaaat. Bought it immediately. And I am the happiest of happy. The ice stays covered as it is freezing. And then you just open, flip it upside down, and push the cubes into the box at the bottom and put the lid back on! It also came with the cutest little ice tings and scoop. 100 million % recommend!" — Sarah Lackie
A ceiling medallion for a home upgrade that looks incredibly high-end for relatively little effort
It's featured in this TikTok roundup! The ceiling medallion is made of a lightweight polyurethane material, which makes installation easy. You can get a factory-primed version and paint it your color of choice, or there's a wide variety of hand-painted color options and styles available at additional cost.

Promising reviews: "I absolutely love this medallion. The product was delivered in perfect condition. I primed and painted it to add some texture and match my ceiling paint color. Looks like it's been a part of our house since the beginning. I had my contractor help hang it and caulk some of the nails. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!" — Rebecca Dalovisio

"This is an absolutely beautiful piece with crisp detailing. Came packaged well and enhances the room. Painting it is probably not even necessary, but I'd recommend a spray satin/flat enamel coating to enhance the look." — TheBigTime
A viral bagel guillotine that's quicker, easier and safer than knives (especially for kids!)
Check out this viral TikTok to see how the bagel guillotine works.

Promising review: "I purchased this mainly for when family is visiting to make breakfast time easier and fun. Not everyone can put a good slice on a bagel. And some of my family members frighten me when wielding a knife. The single stroke guillotine is perfect! It’s sturdy and a beautiful addition on my counter. Careful when cleaning. That blade is sharp!" — Staci T
A Lego flower bouquet that's startlingly realistic and won't wilt on you after a week
Check out this viral Lego flower bouquet on TikTok. The bouquet includes 15 stems with a mix of flower and leaf varieties, including roses, snapdragons, and poppies, and it uses elements made from plant-based plastic.

Promising review: "Buy this for anyone in your life who loves gardening and you are guaranteed to see their face light up when they open it up. Got it for my mom on her birthday and she thought it was the coolest gift ever." — Greg
A productivity cube, because the thought of tackling that big project you've been putting off is too much
You set the countdown time, then flip the cube to start the timer! Two AAA batteries are needed. Check it out in this TikTok office desk tour!

Promising review: "I have ADHD and I have struggled my entire life with staying on task to get even easy mundane things completed. These allow me to break things down into smaller chunks and I have a buddy that comes with me! Yes, I treat my cube timers like my buddies! Listen, it works. My husband asked why I didn't just set a timer on my phone, but somehow that never worked for me. These cube timers are genius and for whatever reason, they work! I also use them to limit my down time scrolling on social media, so I don't get sucked in and lose an entire day! I use them so many different ways. Boring thing I don't want to do? Set a timer and work for a set amount of time, that way I know there's an end in sight and I'm not just stuck working forever! (instead of inevitably avoiding said task) Another boring, mundane thing? Set a timer and try to beat the clock! It's a fun game! Taking a break to read email or scroll a bit? Set a timer so I don't fall down an endless rabbit hole and lose four hours! I digress.... Countless uses for these wonderful timers! Just purchase it already!" — Talia P.
A pack of colorful Cuisinart knives people consider to be a fantastic beginner set
Check them out in this TikTok roundup, where the creator calls it the "best inexpensive knife set" that they bought again after graduating college.

Promising review: "I was looking for an inexpensive few knives to augment my 'good' ones and came across these. My wife and I love them and the blade covers they come with. They come with a good sharp edge and a variety of styles that we find match anything we want to do...and we like that they are color-coded so I don't have to think about which one I want — I just reach for the color I know will work the best. We've only had them a month, so I don't know how long they will keep an edge — but my expensive ones don't keep an edge this long." — LB
Jenae Sitzes / BuzzFeed
A slim magnetic stove shelf, perfect for smaller kitchens where counter space is at a premium
StoveShelf is a US-based small business that specializes in stove shelves for various sizes of stoves. Check it out on TikTok!

I picked up the StoveShelf in the white 20-inch apartment size a while back, and I'm obsessed with how it uses and fills the space above my teensy stove. The magnets under are S-T-R-O-N-G, but you can still move them around with ease. That's a good thing, because if your stovetop is curved (or straight-up dented on top, like mine, lol), you may need to adjust the positioning of the magnets so that the StoveShelf sits flat on top and items don't slide off. (I found that positioning the magnets near the front allowed the StoveShelf to sit further back and maintain a flat level position.) As a backup option, though, I found that it works just as well when you put it on backwards so that the lip on the back faces the front — this keeps any items on top from sliding off!
A nonstick pot with a built-in strainer top, which seems so obvious
This is great for straining out excess grease too! You can see it in this TikTok.

Promising review: "I was tired of using a strainer in the sink or holding a lid on the edges to pour out the water but still getting burnt. This pot was a gamble, and we hit the jackpot! Truly a game-changer for me. It holds enough water to boil a whole pound of pasta. Then lock the lid on and pour the water out. A simple design that's just genius. Plus, it is so easy to clean. Nice work!" — Frank R.
A precious little mushroom lamp, which won't take up mush room on your desk or nightstand
Peep it in this adorable desk setup on TikTok.

Promising review: "Cute, cute, cute! This is one of the cutest night lights ever! Not only does it change colors; it can be controlled remotely and changed in a variety of colors and effects, from flashing to slowly fading from one color into another, or if desired, one constant color to match any decor. The brightness can also be adjusted. And the wood base gives it more than the look of a toy; it is perfectly classy." — roika
And! A darling stool (a toadstool, if you will) that simply BELONGS in any cozy work space
It's featured in this TikTok!

Promising review: "I got this as a foot/leg rest underneath my desk and it's amazing as I constantly fidget in my seat, it's helpful to extend my legs and keep them elevated. Not to mention it's super cute, I love mushrooms! very happy with it and it delivered in perfect condition." — Nicole
Unicorn Eclipse / Etsy
A retro-inspired planner pad cute enough to keep out on your desk 24/7
But seriously, these are the most adorable planners I've ever seen and are transporting me right back to the '90s. Unicorn Eclipse is a small business owned by two sisters who make extremely cute stationery, planners, stickers, decor, and more! Get a closer look at some of their planner notepads on TikTok.

"It would be an understatement to say that I'm obsessed with this shop," said HuffPost Shopping writer Haley Zovickian. "I am head over heels entranced with this shop. Their lo-fi, nostalgic style brightens up my workspace so much and really helps encourage me to stay organized – because I love looking at and using their stationery! I also just appreciate the sense of whimsy and fun that their products add to what can otherwise be stressful work days or daunting tasks; the graphics on their planner pads help me stay more positive, and more on top of my work in general. TL;DR: These are a ray of sunshine that any desk worker or organizing buff would be incomplete without."
An expandable silicone trivet that's simple in concept but a game-changer in practice
In the photo above, you can see how little the folded-up version is on the right! See it on TikTok, too.

Promising review: "Out of the hundreds of kitchen gadgets I own, this is one of my new favorites! I own 8–10 trivets in various sizes and shapes, but this one is the ultimate in practicality. Not only does it hold a pan or baking dish that just came out of a 400-degree oven, but when not in use it folds up into a small rectangle. I purchased two and keep them tucked away in the corner of the kitchen counter next to the oven. They also will easily fit into a drawer. I am using them nearly every day and love the convenience of being able to expand them to a long size to hold large cookie sheets, or to a smaller size for baking dishes. My only caution would be to not place these on a wood dining table because any steam from the containers sitting on them might ruin and/or warp the wood." — madscientist
Blinger hair gems that, yes, are definitely MADE for kids, but why should they have all the fun?
When I went to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour recently, I saw several girls walking around with these in their hair! I def recommend watching this Tiktok to see how cute these look IRL and how the tool is used. The set comes with the styling tool and 225 gems, and refill packs are available on Amazon, too.

Promising review: "Not just for kids! Perfect to glam up a normal hairstyle. I am obsessed with this product! I got it for a themed day and it was so simple to set up and use. The gems are sticky, which I thought was much less damaging to my hair than if they were staples and they stayed in for over eight hours until I removed them. They were so cute and because they are sticky you can put them other places like on my face in the photo! loved these." — JL Jackson
A lil' toaster lamp — honestly, do I need to say more?
Check it out on TikTok.

Promising review: "Got toast? Jokes aside, this is the cutest little lamp I've ever bought. It is made of hard plastic, and the bread isn't removable (would be so adorable if it was). The color is pretty accurate. You push down the knob on the side to turn the lamp on and off. I love that I can adjust the brightness level, and it lasts for a while. While I wish I could just tap to turn on and off like the other lamp I have, the knob option is growing on me. Overall, a great buy." — anne
An organic cat grass growing kit in a rustic wood planter
Check it out on TikTok! The Cat Ladies is a family-owned, southern California-based small business founded in 2015 by a mother-daughter duo who wanted to create unique, organic, nontoxic products for other passionate cat owners.

Promising review: "I have been a customer for about a year now, and ever since the first time when we gave her gentle pets while she ate the grass, she’s now developed a whole daily routine! She meows at us every morning, demanding that we come and sit with her and pet her while she munches happily on the grass. It’s become such an important part of her daily routine that we bought two of the planters so that she can always have fresh grass." — Amazon customer
Nonna's Workshop
Hand-crocheted floral hair clips that will make you happy just looking at them
Nonna's Workshop is a woman-owned small business run by a grandmother-and-granddaughter duo, Nonna and Brianna, who make every single piece by hand. Aside from hair clips, they make clothing, decor and other accessories, too!
Over-the-toilet shelves with a tension rod design supporting them from the floor to the ceiling
You can see it on TikTok!

Promising review: "Finally — such a simple product yet very versatile and can work in any bathroom! My challenge has been finding ways to add space to store toiletries and towels in a small rental bathroom with tile-covered walls and little space between the toilet and sink/tub. This was perfect: a tension-style, floor-to-ceiling rod! I purchased the wooden shelf style, which looks stylish and solidly built. This will be easy to take place to place if I move." — MichelleJC
Gxmelon / Etsy
A gorgeous Nintendo Switch decal set to make your console, dock and Joy-Cons look as magical as your favorite adventure games
Gxmelon is a China-based small biz that specializes in Nintendo Switch skins, grip caps, carrying cases, and other accessories. See how it's applied + how it looks on a Switch IRL in this TikTok.

Promising review: "I never leave reviews but I’m leaving one now because this skin is beautiful! It's so easy to set up and the stick covers I got for it feel amazing! I’m definitely sending my friends to this shop and buying from here again! Thank you so much!" — Quinton Jacobs

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