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We have a rule in our house. Do just a little bit to help around the house each week, and you get a little reward. Most weeks it’s ice cream, a trip to the movies, a small toy.

But this week, I have been more than a little busy. In fact, I barely have had time to breathe. Between fundraising for PCOS Challenge and work and back to school and life, I sadly didn’t spend much time with my babies at all. So when I asked Parker like I do every Friday what he wanted for his little treat this week, he said:

“Can I have money?”

I got mad. I thought, “We haven’t spent any time together all week. And you want money? I am not doing this right.

I rolled my eyes, and instead of begging him to WANT to do things with me, I handed him the last five dollar bill I had in my purse.


He went back to playing with his sister, and I went to my desk. Life went on, and I forgot about my anger at him choosing cash over his momma, until I found this.

His five dollars, and a nickel. I called him into the office and asked what it was about.

“Your friends online you talk about don’t get much help. You always say no one pays attention to them and the reason why you are always working is that they need money and for people to listen. I don’t know why grownups aren’t helping them. You have so many friends. And grownups have so much money. You always say a little bit helps. I know I’m not a grownup. And I don’t know how to make them listen to me. I thought my money could help. I thought I could help.”

As a PCOS advocate, September is a busy month. Raising awareness for such an underfunded, misunderstood condition that affects so many women can be emotionally charged. Apparently, my 7-year-old son was taking notice of the loud phone calls urging people to contribute and the tears cried over hearing other women’s struggles.

I learned two things today.

1) They are always listening. So watch what you are saying. Their voice will become an echo of yours.

2) Things through the eyes of a child’s reasoning can make you really stop and evaluate yours. I could see that he understands how important this is to me, and wanted to help me, not avoid playing with me. And even more important, I should be stopping and playing with him more often. Grown up problems like life and work and struggles aren’t known to him ― he knows sword fights and pillow forts and helping people because that’s what you do for your friends. Even if its just a little, you do what you can. And he’s getting more than a little ice cream tonight. To donate “just a litta” to help women and girls with PCOS, go to support.pcoschallenge.org/goto/pcossupportgirl2017.

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