Just Be Happy

I want you to do something for me this week.

I want you to be happy. Not with everyone else, just with yourself. 

Do not worry. You do not have to be overjoyed or exuberant. You simply need to be happy, content, satisfied. 

It may sound easy, but it is not for many people. 

If you are so far from happy that you think it is impossible, or do not know how to do this, start by simply smiling. Put a small Mona Lisa smile on your lips and see what that does as a start. Can you feel that smile start to spread across your cheeks,  back towards you ears? Can you feel that smile spark the slightest hint of radiance?

Now take a nice, slow breath deep into your lungs. Feel the air as is passes your heart and settles deep within you. Simply attach the smile from you lips onto the air as you breathe it in. Can you feel the energy from that smile pass by your heart with every breath you take? Can you feel the energy that spread across your cheeks just moments before begin to pool near your heart and deep within you? 

If so, that is good. Because happiness does not start with your brain. It begins with your heart. Happiness is created long before your brain has a reason to be happy. It, like Love, is not a logical emotion. It just is. Which i s why so many people have problems being happy. They try to buy their way into happiness or Love, not realizing that each is all round you, if you simply allow yourself to let go of logic for a moment and truly feel what is within you and around you, it will all present itself to you. And yes, it all starts with a smile.

See what happens when you walk into your office or place of work with a smile. See what happens when you hold the door open for someone with a smile, or say thank you - with a smile. I will bet you whomever you do this for will smile back. It really isn’t that hard. In fact it is quite simple really. There is no logic to it. There is simply the easy transference of energy that you can start. 

It begins with one person finding the happiness within, and spreading it without, to those around them. Can you imagine how the joy and happiness you started can spread if each of the people you touched with your smile kept smiling? 

No? Whey not? why is it so easy to understand how quickly a pathogen can spread turning one zombie into millions across the earth, but so difficult to visualize a smile doing the same? Is your life so caught up in the hype and hysteria that fear can ring on, yet so unable to do the same with the Love found in a smile? 

You cannot be that afraid of it can you? Of your own happiness?

Why not try it? You have nothing to lose. 

Do it now. 

Simply breathe. Simply smile. And simply share...

Be well, 






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