How To Preserve The Male Ego And Prevent World Destruction

#MasculinitySoFragile, you’ve gotta poke fun at it.

The male ego must be nourished and tended to ― and no one knows that better than the ladies of JustBoobs Sketch comedy group.

In a new parody video, the group coaches the women of the world on how to preserve and protect the fragile male ego. JustBoobs Sketch, which is made up of comedians Melissa Rojas, Elizabeth Bond, Kate McDaniel and Stephanie Carrie, hits the nail on the head with this sardonic depiction of fragile masculinity (and what could happen if you don’t tend to it like a delicate flower). 

“As you may have noticed in your own life, threatening the delicate male ego can have dyer consequences,” Carrie says in the video. (All jokes aside, toxic masculinity often does turn violent and usually towards women.) 

The group gives a few examples of what happens when the male ego gets bruised, including: 1) “The Lakers started to suck the minute the number of female Fortune 500 CEOs hit 4 percent;” 2) “The stock market crashed when the first woman did the Charleston in public;” and 3) “Half a glacier melted when Johnny Depp was cast across from a love interest his own age.”

Below are just a few tips from the informative video (funded by the Rich Insecure Dudes Foundation) about how you can care for the male ego:

As Bond says: “Take one for the team, lock feminism in a drawer in the back of the closet and cover it in piles of diet pills, chastity belts and shame.” 

Because who really needs feminism, right? 

Head over to YouTube to watch more from JustBoobs Sketch.



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