Double Dipping Is Way Grosser Than You Think It Is

Just don't do it.

We all know in our hearts that double dipping is wrong. We also know that there’s a chance we will be called out for partaking in this germ-y behavior ― Seinfeld constantly reminds us of that. And yet, many of us are still guilty of it.

A study from Clemson University set out to find out just how gross double dipping really is. They measured the amount of bacteria found in foods before being double dipped and after double dipping took place. They found that bacteria levels skyrocketed after a double dip.

In a shared bowl of salsa, there’s zero bacteria pre-double dipping, but levels of 30,000 bacteria after double dipping. Of the three food combos they tested ― chips and salsa, chocolate with fruit, and chips with cheese ― salsa was the most conducive to transferring bacteria.

Now, double dipping isn’t exactly a health hazard. The study says that whether or not the transferred bacteria is dangerous to a dippers’ health is debatable. But you might want to steer clear of the salsa at the next party you attend.

Watch the video above from Science of Us for more information.

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