'Just Eat It' Is The Documentary That'll Finally Open Your Eyes About Food Waste

Making a change starts with fully understanding the problem.

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No matter how many times we write and read the startling statistics on food waste in America, we fear it just doesn’t have the impact it should. That’s why we’re urging you to sit on the couch and watch this Canadian food documentary, Just Eat It, about food waste.

The documentary, which has won numerous awards and has been buzzed about since it came out in 2014, is one of the most startling portrayals of food waste in today’s society. Created by Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer ― the film makers behind The Clean Bin Project ― the film follows the pair as they attempt to eat only food that is going to be thrown out, for the entire duration of six months.

The film makers prevent waste by literally eating it, taking viewers on a shocking journey. Essentially, they’ve put images to the statistics that we hear, and those images ― like enormous dumpster overflowing with still-good, packaged hummus ― are horrifying. The film is interspersed with interviews from food waste experts and farmers who further explain the extent of the problem. Basically, this might just be the education we all need to start making a change in the way we handle our food and the efforts we make the prevent waste.

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