Just For Laughs 2012 Comedians On Their Must-Visit Chicago Destinations (VIDEO)

While visiting Chicago to participate in the recently-wrapped Just For Laughs festival, dozens of comedians with plenty of downtime were released into the city.

Folks from The MIX at 101.9 FM caught up with some of the festival's funnyfolk backstage to find out which Chicago destinations they were frequenting.

While the mentions of staples like Al's Beef and the Wiener's Circle didn't shock us, some of these outsiders' perspectives did--like two shout-outs to Penny's Noodles, and an embarrassing admission about Potbelly's.

The Art Institute got some love, too, but it seems the visiting comics, like Chicagoans, know it's all about the food.

"I get as much cheese and bread as possible," 30 Rock star Scott Adsit said about his pizza orders, (though we think that's a good rule for Chicago cuisine across the board).