The '90s Just For Me Hair Relaxer Commercial Song Is Stuck In Our Heads (VIDEO)

WATCH: This '90s Hair Commercial Song Is Stuck In Our Heads

When I was just a child and my mother grew tired of straightening my thick, coarse curls at home, she took me to the salon for a chemical hair relaxer. As scary as it may sound, I actually looked forward to getting out of my stylist's chair with sleeker and softer locks. And I have this hair commercial to thank for calming my nerves.

Back in the '90s, the Just for Me hair relaxer was one of the most popular straightening treatments for African-American girls. It's no-lye formula offered a gentler alternative, especially for kids with sensitive scalps. But what really sold this hair relaxer, in my opinion, was the catchy commercial song.

The lyrics were simple yet sassy -- I can still rap them without missing a beat. "I want style, body and shine. A look that's totally all mine. Hair so soft, silky and free. I want something just for me. Just for meeee!"

With three cute girls (one of which was former Destiny's Child member LaTavia Roberson) sporting enviable hairdos as they sang and danced in the commercial, my mom didn't have to do too much begging for me to make a hair appointment.

But I'd be changing my tune years later when I decided to go natural like these stars:


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