Just imagine: What if McCain Had Won the Election and Obama had Shafted him During the Stimulus Debate?

...The media elites would be calling him an obstructionist, a sore loser, a man and party with no new ideas and someone who will not listen to the will of the people after they had spoken on Nov. 4th.
Instead CBS framed their story like this: "Change? McCain Says Dems Are Just Like GOP":

Schieffer began his interview with a question likely on many people's minds, asking the Arizona senator how he has gotten right back to work after a devastating presidential election loss.

"I think the best cure for defeat, as hard as it may be, is to get back in the arena," McCain said. "I love what we do in the Senate. I'm honored to serve. I am honored to represent the people of Arizona and have some voice in major crises we face both at home and abroad. So best cure, I am happy to be back and I am happy to be back on this program."

Um, are McCain's feelings after losing an election the big question on people's minds in the nation? I think the stimulus package is the focus of the country right now, don't you? The fact that McCain was almost holding his breath until he turned blue Friday night and has led a campaign against Obama's stimulus plan all week might be more interesting to the people. Schieffer could have asked something like, "As I'm sure you know you lost the election. Senator McCain, you look like you're acting almost childish in your opposition. Don't you think it hurts your Mavericky reputation to carry on like you have? And what does it say about the Republican party as well?"

Instead, he tries to reason with McCain, when that's not the political strategy the GOP is taking. McCain, like most of the Republican Party, is being led by Rush Limbaugh now. So sad indeed.

To see video of John McCain on Face the Nation being against the stimulus plan on Sunday, click here.

But McCain also makes it clear he thinks that Democrats have to completely bend over -- or, as Rush would put it, "grab the ankles" -- to make bipartisanship work. On Planet GOP -- where the rampant fear in fact is what will happen to them if Obama succeeds -- the failure of bipartisanship has nothing, no nothing, to do with Republican ideological rigidity. It's all the Dems' fault...read on:

(John Amato is the founder of CrooksandLiars.com)