Just in Time: Youth Journalists Take On Climate with 'Project Survival Media'

Help is on the way folks!

I can lose sight of how starved I am for some good news about the state of the media, until finally, every once in a while something comes along that really gives me a big serving of hope. Just in time, here comes 'Project Survival Media'.

Check out their promo video and get a taste for yourself!


Project Survival Media, the brain child of youth media maker Shadia Fayne Wood, is a global youth journalism network that aims to influence the outcome of the landmark United Nations Climate Negotiations (COP 15) by broadcasting what they believe is the most critical message of our time: As world leaders negotiate a new climate treaty, "Survival is Not Negotiable." No duh, right? Seems like anyone could agree to that. Well, unfortunately the fine print of current negotiations makes you realize otherwise.

This December, world leaders are coming together to decide on a climate policy for the entire world.

The youth from Project Survival Media believe (and I agree!) that the policy being debated is woefully inadequate. These youth are not buying the rhetoric from US lawmakers that this is the best the USA can do based on economic and political realities. They are blending advocacy, digital witnessing and citizen journalism, with a sprinkling of moxy and a whole lot of cool-factor to push the envelope on anything ever done before in the world of independent media coverage of mass mobilizations and international policy meetings.

Their plan is to provide an antidote to the mainstream media's traditionally lacking coverage of the issue. They are also redefining what it means to be an 'expert' on the issue, with a focus on the voices of those who are already being disproportionately impacted, and those who have found successful global and local solutions for a better future.

Project Survival Media is still recruiting their team, and is calling all passionate youth journalists who want to use their skills to:

- Launch "Survival," to the forefront of the international political debate

- Amplify voices underrepresented by traditional media, and

- Report on the most compelling climate stories from around the world.

There are seven media teams, one for each continent. They plan to build stories together that focus on those roles in society most impacted by climate change: factory workers, farmers, mothers, organizers, and health care providers.

Who is eligible? Unfortunately I am too old to do anything more than cheer them on by retweeting their stuff and feverishly updating my Facebook status with their news.

They want:

-Any young person between the ages of 15-30 who has some experience in any of the following: blogging, reporting, photography, or videography

-Any young person who has either a background in climate change, human rights issues, or global or local environmental justice struggles and lives anywhere on one of the seven continents -- aka Planet Earth.

Click Here to complete an application to be on one of the Project Survival Regional Media Teams. ALL Applications must be submitted by: September 18th, 2009.

Hurry folks, that dribbling sound is the ice caps melting.