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Just Keep Working

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Though we grow, we never really arrive. Life is a journey in which we just keep working. And if blessed, we are awakened and transformed by the work.

Just Keep Working

The leaves are inside out.
A storm is coming. Who first
noticed this? And what is a storm?
A disturbed state in the atmosphere.
Like the dark cloud I sometimes carry
in my head. And why inside out? Is
there something in us that wants so
badly to be drawn out that it dreams
of the storm? There's a small bird
with a yellow stripe across its face
found on the east coast of Australia.
They say the stripe is there because
of all the nectar it eats. It comes out
in the aftermath of storms before the
flowers fold back into themselves.
Isn't this what we do for each other?
Eat sweetness from each other's
wounds. I want to be a
yellow-faced honeyeater.

A Question to Walk With: Journal about an understanding of life that you're being asked to keep working at.

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