Just My Drag Cents

So as I'm sure all of you are aware Religious Freedom has been in the news a lot lately thanks to Governor Pence and his signing of Indiana's Religious Freedom Law. As any responsible gay man, I have been reading and watching as many debates as I can to better understand both sides. Yes I'm a firm believer in knowing your enemy. So I watch and read many anti gay articles to learn as much as possible about the opposition.

On this particular topic though I feel our opposition has no idea what they want or what they are trying to fight for. In every interview I have watched supporters of the new law can never answer the simple question on why the law is needed or if it supports discrimination. I'm sorry if you can't answer these basic questions there is something wrong, plain and simple. It always comes back to a person shouldn't have to do something that goes against their religion.

What I don't understand is how does selling a good or service to a same sex couple's wedding go against one's religion exactly. These CUSTOMERS aren't asking you to celebrate their wedding, they are asking your to service their wedding, and secondly their wedding is a civil one not a religious one. There is a difference between the two and the very constitution you like to quote for "your freedom of religion" also states "separation of Church and State" and "all men are create equal". You can't have one without the other and I'm sorry but when it comes to a business that falls more under the header of state than Church.

But even more basic thanks to state laws your business is to serve the public, all of the public not just the ones you want. If that is the type of business you want to run then change it to a private business where your customers have to pay a membership fee and agree to terms of service. Then you can serve only "your kind of people".

A same sex couple wishing to purchase goods or services for their wedding does not prevent you from practicing your religion and I'm sorry you practicing your religion should not prevent them from getting what they need for their wedding. To me that is very reason for the separation of the Church from the State.