Just Once

There is an amazing consistency to the letters, articles, blogs that are submitted from the religious right that are sure that God will judge the USA in a very negative fashion because of the Supreme Courts decisions concerning the Christian faith and its place in our society. Going all the way back to the decision to limit prayer in schools, to take prayer away from Friday night football games and the refusal to permit prayer at the beginning of government meetings like city councils. The most recent and the final straw for many was the decision to recognize same sex marriages as the law of the nation.

I have watched and waited for years to see one letter that spoke of a different vision of that judgement. Just once I would have liked to see a letter that believed that God's judgement was coming on this nation because it spends on military defense more than the combined total of the next 24 industrial nations, 23 of which are our allies. Just once I would have liked to read a letter that thought that God's judgement would come upon us because our nation only spends one percent of its budget on the social programs that are constantly being cut. Just once would I like to see a letter that was convinced that God's judgement was coming because we have not feed the poor, we have not sheltered the homeless, we have not provided quality care for our veterans, whom we sent into unnecessary wars and created chaos in the Middle East. Just once would I welcome a letter that thinks the judgement coming will be because we have not welcomed and provided avenues of work, visits and citizenship to the strangers within our midst. Just once I would be delighted to see a letter that thought God was not happy with the way we have been stewards of creation. Just one would have made my heart sing. To know that there was at least one other person who has read the Scriptures the way I have.

In the parable of the last judgement where the sheep and the goats are separated, there is a criteria listed as to why one side was welcomed and the other was permitted to do what they wanted to. That parable has nothing to say about sexual behavior, sexual orientation or public prayer in school, but it says a lot about how we treat those in hard places.