Just Overthink It.

It's time to pull out another sweeping generalization from my purse. This time? Chicks, and overanalyzation (not a word, is now.) I store lots of things in my purse (but that's another question for another time, along the lines of POR QUE J.Lo, everything was going so great and your babiez were in Gucci ads and putting other babies to shame. I guess it just didn't work. But instead of lamenting the loss of J.Lo and Marc Anthony (it has caused me to plow through not one, but two Ben & Jerry's Half Baked FroYo's, because if it's froyo it's healthy and I can eat it while on the elliptical), let's talk about why, why why why, we analyze. And over-analyze. And agonize, about EVERYTHING.

It's sort of an inherited gene, passed around, like a peace pipe, from woman to woman, but instead, it's "omigod he didn't text me back within 30 minutes he hates me and now I hate him and shit where is this going he said he had a really great time last night didn't he get my inside joke? It's over. I'm done. I can't."

On the other side of this interaction, is usually a dude, who is either busy, forgot to reply, or has his hand down his sweats watching 30 for 30. (Again, another rampant generalization).

My point is, we analyze everything to death. Maybe this comes with the dating territory, and more the personality type (ahem, I just wrote down in my planner to buy a new planner), but I think we're doing ourselves a disservice here.

An easy example of said behavior is always about text messages. Sure, guys think a bit about what to send, text, message, but overall -- they just want to get to the point (where they can maybe feel over your shirt). Girls, on the other hand (and hey, maybe I'm just speaking for myself and everyone I know) have a complex system, a code almost (cue the video I posted last week). And does not just mean and. And could potentially also mean "and then we can plan our wedding together. I'm thinking a chrysanthemum chuppah. Kosh?)

This agony is often, (almost always), over BBM:

Girl 1: He read my BBM, but he hasn't replied yet. That is so fucking rude. I can't believe he did that, after all that stuff I told him about my family. Maybe I freaked him out. Did I freak him out? Wait, he's typing. But he didn't end up saying anything. It says he's STILL TYPING.

Her Friend: He's such a douche. Maybe you should just ignore him.

Boy: In the middle of in-depth conversation about the relative merits of Whey versus regular protein (is there a difference? Guys, I am so confused by protein powder). Hasn't decided plans yet, still deciding between a brown pair of loafers and a black pair. Texts back.

Girl 1: He was really short. He only used four words in that sentence. Shit. :: Starts to act really awkward ::

What do you think?

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