Just Seen It : Jobs Movie Review

This week on PBS' movie review show Just Seen It, I make an appearance as a guest reviewer to discuss the new Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs. The show's regular reviewers Liz Manashil and Aaron Fink were also part of the conversation as we touched on everything from the film's script to the directing to the performances by Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs and Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak.

I felt that the title was a bit misleading as the film is more the story of how the Apple company was founded, rather than the story of the man who built it. Liz felt that Jobs is portrayed at times a villain and at times a saint without ever landing an actual interpretation.

Liz conceded that Kutcher had the physical attributes, even though I thought he didn't have enough depth to really get to the core of Jobs. Aaron said it was because the script couldn't let him get there and felt that it was the best serious performance Kutcher has ever done. We were all blown away by Gad's performance and would rather have watched the Woz biopic.

At the end of the review, each of us give it either a "See It," "Stream It" or "Skip It." Take a look: