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Dear Justice Alito: Here's What Homosexuality Was Really Like In Ancient Greece

In Tuesday's Supreme Court hearings, which will determine whether the Constitution protects same-sex marriage and if states must recognize marriages from other states, notoriously conservative Justice Samuel Alito argued that it's possible to approve of gay relationships but not same-sex marriage, using Ancient Greece as an example in which homosexual relationships were "well accepted within certain bounds."

So we at HuffPost Live wanted to dig a little deeper to see if, in fact, Justice Alito had a point. Turns out, it's a little more complicated than that. In the video above, Thomas Hubbard, a professor of Greek and Roman literature at the University of Texas and editor of Homosexuality in Greece and Rome, discusses same-sex relationships in Ancient Greece and what our gay brothers and sisters from way back when may have thought about same-sex marriage.

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