'Justice For Reefa' Artwork Available At Kill Your Idol (JIPSY PHOTOS)

BY JIPSY, NEFARIOUSGIRL.COM Remembering street artist Israel Hernandez-Llach -- better known as Reefa -- continues across Miami. Street artists tag his name in murals on the walls of the city, and on stickers the hashtags #RIPReefa and #JusticeForReefa are printed in bold letters in black and white.

Now, if you want to show support other than keeping his name alive visually on the streets, 'Justice For Reefa' could use your help. While 'Justice for Reefa' isn't an official organization, it is a group of people who came together the week after he died after being tased by Miami Beach police. Most of the people hadn't known Reefa, but were just trying to help however they could by turning 'Rip Reefa' into 'Justice for Reefa.' The group has flourished into a committee of about 20 people, ranging from activists from ACLU and, friends, teachers, and family all donating their time. They plan on going to Washington, D.C. November 5 and 6 -- and take everyone willing to participate -- to talk to congressmen and women as well as representatives that can have a bigger impact on the situation. 'Justice For Reefa' is divided into subcommittees, each trying to come up with new ways and strategies to assist the family in getting answers, whether it be artistically by having an exhibit of his artwork, or politically by visiting the state attorney's office and attending city manager meetings.

Helping out are street artists Info and Ahol, each supporting 'Justice For Reefa' by donating $100 artwork made exclusively for the one-time show on view now at Kill Your Idol on South Beach. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork is going to the 'Justice for Reefa' movement.

"We have been doing our thing on the streets for a while and figured it be a nice gesture and hopefully we can make a difference," Ahol shared with me at the opening of the show on October 19. "Info and I got together and thought it was best to give the money from the art sales to help the Reefa movement and bring awareness."

The show will be up at Kill Your Idol till the week before Art Basel, the end of this month. There is still some work left on the walls of Kill Your Idol, and if you're interested in the art and supporting #JusticeForReefa, here's how they can help you out: To pay in cash please contact and they can arrange something with the club or a meet-up. Or, if you'd like to pay with credit card, go to, pay $100 and specify which piece you would like. A committee member will arrange how the piece is getting picked up or dropped off. Visit the Facebook page Justice for Reefa for more information on movement. Don't forget to continue using the hashtage #JusticeForReefa on all your social media and to see the artwork, visit Kill Your Idol at 222 Espanola Way, Miami Beach daily from 7:00 pm - 5:00 am.



Justice For Reefa Art Show