Justice Is Bland: "Daily Show" Mocks Souter For Stepping Down, Republicans For Hating Empathy (VIDEO)

Last night, Jon Stewart begged the question, "What part of 'lifetime appointment' does Justice Souter not understand?" Souter, who is 69, announced last week that he would be stepping down from the bench ahead of two of his peers who are also expected to retire during Obama's first term. Stewart mocked Souter for going first, before Justice Ginsburg who has cancer, and Justice Stevens who is 89.

Stewart then moved on to the media, as he so often does so well, taking on talking heads for their anger over President Obama's hope that the new justice will be empathetic. That would be a nightmare.

In the second segment below, Aasif Mandvi looks at Republican paranoia over code words for abortion and gay marriage. (In fact, no matter what Obama says, it's really about abortion.) He then introduced a three-minute confirmation stick that determines where justices stand on abortion with 98% accuracy.


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