'Justice League' Appears To Make Costumes Sexier For Amazons

Gal Gadot, Robin Wright,  Lisa Loven Kongsli, and Connie Nielsen in "Wonder Woman."
Gal Gadot, Robin Wright,  Lisa Loven Kongsli, and Connie Nielsen in "Wonder Woman."

There’s been a bit of a sea change in the Themyscira fashion scene — just in time for the “Justice League” movie — and people are confused.

The Amazonian warriors in the recent “Wonder Women” film directed by Patty Jenkins were clothed in functional armor that covered their stomachs and chests. However, as the characters return in Zac Snyder’s “Justice League,” out on Friday, the new costumes prominently reveal the actors’s stomachs and chests.

Evidence of the outfit changes were posted by director Zack Snyder to social media, where critics and fans took notice.

As fan site The Golden Lasso explained, “‘Wonder Woman’ began filming in 2015, the year before ‘Justice League’ started filming in 2016. The Amazons’ design was finalized and most of the costumes completed whileJustice League’ was still in pre-production.” Basically, that means that those in charge ofJustice League” rejected the Wonder Woman designs, which were already finished, in “favor of leather bikinis” that would show off more skin.

“Feel uncomfortable? You should,” the post continues. “This isn’t a new formula for comic books, films or TV shows. All these fields are dominated by white men and their creations reflect their own ideals. Women in films are four times more likely to be shown in sexy outfits and three times more likely to show some nudity. Zack Snyder’s ideal female warrior wearing about the same as a Victoria’s Secret model on the runway is not a new concept, it’s just disappointing and insulting in 2017.”

Social media agrees.

Whether all is as it seems, however, has been questioned by some, who are claiming that the skimpier costumes relate to a flashback scene, and the costumes of the Amazonian warriors in general are not as revealing.

The costumes are, of course, still undeniably skimpier whether used throughout the movie or not, but viewers won’t know the context for sure until the movie lands on November 17.

Actress Brooke Ence, who appears as an Amazon in Snyder’s “Justice League,” told USA Today that the outfits “didn’t bother her at all.”

“The girls on set, we never thought of [the new costumes] as a sexy version. It felt a little more glamorous, if anything, because we had bigger, beautiful hair, which I loved,” she said. “I’m an athlete first, right? [Usually] I can’t wear anything without someone commenting about my [muscular] body. So for me, it was actually really cool to be able to show it and not immediately feel masculine, but still very feminine.”

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