Yep, The New 'Justice League' Trailer Is All About Wonder Woman

The Amazon takes out a whole gang of assassins by herself.

Considering that “Wonder Woman” is a blockbuster hit, it’s no wonder the character features prominently in the new “Justice League” trailer.

The trailer debuted during a Saturday Comic-Con panel featuring the cast, and star Gal Gadot is featured front and center throughout the clip.

The trailer shows Wonder Woman taking out an entire group of assassins in a room filled with kids. The scene cuts to her alter ego, Diana Prince, cleaning up a Greek statue while talking with her assistant.

“What did you do this weekend?” the assistant asks.

“Oh, nothing very interesting,” Prince replies.

“Justice League” also features a sequence in Wonder Woman’s homeland, Themyscira, and an appearance by Connie Nielsen as her mom, Hippolyta.

Ben Affleck as Batman also features prominently in the clip, but one person missing is Henry Cavill as Superman.

However, Gal Gadot promised fans at Comic-Con: “If you’re a big fan of Superman, you’re going to be very, very happy.”

“Justice League” opens nationally Nov. 17.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated the trailer featured an appearance by Connie Britton.

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