Justice or Else Rally Brings Millennials Together (Video)

By, Nadia Watson

On the 16th day of October 1995, Nation of Islam's Leader Louis Farrakhan called African American men to the National Mall to take heed to his message of commitment to serving as strong pillars not only in the household, but in the black community. Twenty years later, men and women of all ethnicities, faiths, and creeds were invited back to the nation's capital to celebrate the march's 20 year anniversary themed, "Justice or Else."

Despite the lack of media coverage leading up to the event, the message was clearly received. Thousands still peacefully gathered on The National Mall where harmony, institutional reform and human rights were demanded.

As messages from the original march echoed across the nation, Minister Farrakhan stressed the importance and urgency of reawakening the next generation to carry the torch and incite true change. "As we look at the trend all over the world, the cry for justice is universal," said son of Elijah Muhammad, Ishmael.

We took to millennials to better understand why the cry for justice cannot afford to be hushed any longer.

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