Justin Bieber's Songs Get The ’80s Reworking He Never Knew They Needed

You won’t beliebe what you're hearing.

Justin Bieber wasn't around in the 1980s. But what if he had been?

YouTuber TRONICBOX has reimagined how the Canadian pop star's songs could have sounded if he'd been born a couple of decades earlier than his actual birth year of 1994.

His smash hit "What do you mean?" is transformed into a breathy, synth-heavy love ballad -- just watch out for that saxophone solo. Check it out here:

"Love Yourself" has also been given a phenomenal makeover. Forget the pared-back original. This version is all about the ’80s.

Check it out here:

TRONICBOX uploaded both clips, complete with hilariously mocked-up images of Bieber sporting a mullet-hairdo, to YouTube in April. They are now going viral.

The Huffington Post has reached out for comment.

Meanwhile, check out some more of the YouTuber's work -- including this similar reimagining of Arianna Grande's "One Last Time":

And you've almost certainly never heard OMI's "Cheerleader" like this before: