Justin Bieber Acting Out? Record Label Upset At Singer's Bratty Behavior (REPORT)

Are we really surprised to hear that the world's biggest teenage pop star is acting out? Actually, yes we are surprised, since that pop star is Justin Bieber, who has a pretty squeaky clean reputation.

Sources tell the New York Daily News that the 18-year-old's record label, Def Jam Records, is fed up with the star's "bratty antics," which may be jeopardizing his career. Insiders say Bieber's team has tried to address his behavioral problems, but claims, "Justin doesn’t seem to care and does whatever he wants, but he doesn't listen to anyone."

Bieber made $55 million last year according to Forbes and his success is vital to plenty of others on his payroll, so it's not surprising that sources say those closest to him are worried that his antics "could really damage his reputation if they don’t get it under control ... Just look at what happened with Britney Spears."

In the past, Bieber has received flack for small things -- including wearing overalls to meet the Prime Minister of Canada, and was most recently accused of animal cruelty when he gave his pet hamster to a fan outside a concert in Atlanta -- but nothing that points to any real trouble.

However, if Bieber is wandering down the all-too-familiar path of the out of control teen star, it's not going to be easy to get through to him.

Paul Petersen, a former child star and founder of the child-actor support group A Minor Consideration, told The Huffington Post that “Fame is a dangerous commodity for a young person. It distorts the entire maturation process. You are subjected to forces that are almost incomprehensible to people who have never been ‘famous.'" From Petersen's experiences, he says the only way to get through to a teen star in trouble is for them to listen to someone who has been there before.

“Outsiders can’t help these kids — there is so much resistance from a young performer to listen to anyone else other than someone who has been through it themselves,” he says.

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CLARIFICATION: A previous version of this story included a reference to the New York Daily News story which alleged that Bieber smokes weed on a regular basis. That detail has since been removed from the Daily News story as well as the article above.