Justin Bieber, 'As Long As You Love Me': Singer Drops Dubstep Track & 'Beauty And The Beat' Leaks (AUDIO)

We're pretty sure that this is the best day ever for Beliebers. Not one, but two new tracks from Justin Bieber highly anticipated new album Believe are now online.

"As Long as You Love Me," the teen sensation's collaboration with G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean, is Bieber's first foray into dubstep.

"As long as you love me/ We could be starving/ We could be homeless/ We could be broke," Bieber sings over the bass. "As long as you love me/ I'll be your platinum/ I'll be your silver/ I'll be your gold." That's pretty much the entire song.

"Boyfriend," the first single off the album, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and marked a musical departure for the 18-year-old. The track, co-written by Mike Posner, was heavily influenced by R&B and hip-hop. His second single, "Die In Your Arms," had a decidedly retro feel. Meanwhile, the third track released from the album -- "All Around the World," featuring Ludacris -- was Bieber's most electronic track to date, with a dance floor-ready beat rich with heavy synths.

At this point, Biebs is just throwing tracks at a wall and seeing what sticks.

In case you're wondering where you've heard the words "As Long as You Love Me" before, you're probably thinking of The Backstreet Boys seminal second single of the same name. Released in 1997, "As Long as You Love Me" is a karaoke staple for any self-proclaimed BSB fan.

"I don't care/ Who you are/ Where you're from/ What you did/ As long as you love me," The Backstreet Boys crooned. "Who you are/ Where you're from/ Don't care what you did/ As long as you love me."

Watch the video below if you want to feel nostalgic for the 90's.

Just hours after the release of "As Long as You Love Me," Bieber's collaboration with eccentric rapper Nicki Minaj leaked online. The track -- "Beauty and the Beat" -- is another club-ready track (sadly, sans dubstep). On the track, Minaj raps about Beliebers and yes, Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Here is the full track listing for Believe. Listen to the album sampler below.

01. All Around The World ft. Ludacris
02. Boyfriend
03. As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean
04. Take You
05. Right Here ft. Drake
06. Catching Feelings
07. Fall
08. Die In Your Arms
09. Thought Of You
10. Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj
11. One Love
12. Be Alright
13. Believe
14. Out Of Town Girl
15. She Don't Like The Lights
16. Maria

Believe drops on June 19.

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