Justin Bieber Backs Down From Tom Cruise Fight Challenge

The pop star summed up his macho posturing as just a "random tweet."

Justin Bieber backed off his Twitter fight challenge to Tom Cruise on Wednesday, admitting that it would be risky business to throw down with the action-movie star.

“I think he would probably whoop my ass,” Bieber told TMZ in a video clip.

Bieber said he was just kidding anyway.

“It was just a random tweet. I do that stuff sometimes,” he said.

Bieber on Sunday inexplicably challenged Cruise to a mixed martial arts fight, and invited UFC boss Dana White to host the bout. The Biebs taunted “The Mummy” star, writing that Cruise would “never live it down” if he declined.

The “Sorry” singer, 25, conceded, however, that despite his youth, a match against the 56-year-old Cruise could be a mission impossible. The pop star said Cruise was beyond his weight class.

“He’s got that dad strength,” Bieber told TMZ.

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